Our Process

Kooches Carpets is a unique rug company. The founder/designer at Kooches, Tom DeMarco, every spinner, dyer, weaver, and salesperson are all stubbornly devoted to the ethos of impeccable quality, timeless design, and superbly balanced color. Tom DeMarco’s deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship and critical balance that must be struck between materials, structure, design, and color is unparalleled. Whether a standard Kooches design or a bespoke version developed to perfectly suit your home, Kooches has the knowledge and experience to design and produce lasting, beautiful rugs every time.

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The expertly selected Changphael wool from the remote Changthang region of Tibet is the only wool we use. This extremely long staple, lanolin rich wool is rare and remarkable. The quality of wool used in a rug or kilim is the most important ingredient in producing a great carpet. That is why at Kooches we insist on using only Changphael yarn, hand-carded and hand-spun by our own craftspeople.   

KNOTTING and Weaving  

For five generations the Ranta family have been selecting wool, making yarn and weaving the finest carpets and chupas in Tibet. For the last forty-five years they have carried on this tradition in Kathmandu, Nepal. The knowledge and artistry passed on to Kooches weavers, carders and spinners is incomparable.  The longer you own a Kooches carpet or kilim the more you will grow to appreciate this fact.   

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Our obsessive attention to detail doesn't stop once a carpet is woven. The washing and shearing of a rug is vitally important to its final appearance. Using triple filtered, precisely pH balanced water from our own wells, our proprietary washing process thoroughly cleans while it maintains all the desirable attributes of our special yarn.  The final shearing is done with a custom, German-engineered rotary blade that is extremely sharp.